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Early Gaelic Harp Emporium

Facsimiles and historical sources

Here we present the most extensive selection of source material relating to the old Gaelic harp traditions. These are facsimiles or editions of rare early printed books or manuscripts, or contain useful source information. For more info please visit the Sources section of the main web site, where each of the sources is described in detail (including those which are not yet available to purchase). If there is a source you are particularly looking for, let me know. Click on an author's name for pricing and purchasing details of all their books

Balcarres facsimile editionNeal 2010 facsimile Gunn's Enquiry CPC Simon Fraser: fronticepiece Matins, Lauds, and Vespers for St. David's Day TopographiaWales The 1st edition

John and William Neal, 'A Collection of the Most Celebrated Irish Tunes Proper for the Violin, German Flute or Hautboy', Dublin, 1724
Facsimile edition with introduction and notes by Nicholas Carolan

The Balcarres Lute Book
A facsimile edition of this major Scottish tune source from just before 1700

John Bowie, 'Collection of Strathspey Reels and Country Dances'
CD-ROM containing PDF facsimile of this 18th century printed book.

Patrick and Joseph McDonald, 'Collection of Highland Vocal Airs' and 'Complete Theory of the Scots Highland bagpipe
Two important 18th century books on Scottish Gaelic music, by two brothers.

Edward Bunting, 'The Ancient music of Ireland'
Waltons facsimile.

Donal O'Sullivan, 'Bunting's Ancient music of Ireland'
Tunes and texts edited from the manuscripts.

Charlotte Milligan Fox, ‘Annals of the Irish Harpers’
From 1911, includes many extracts from Bunting's manuscripts, including letters and diaries.

Daniel Dow, 'Ancient Scots Music'
photocopied facsimile of this 18th century printed book.

James Oswald, 'Caledonian Pocket Companion'
CD-ROM containing PDF facsimile of this 18th century printed book.

John Gunn, 'Historical Enquiry'
CD-ROM containing PDF facsimile of this 19th century printed book.

James Logan, 'The Scottish Gaël'
2-volume paperback facsimile of this fascinating description of Highland life and customs.

Eugene O'Curry, 'The Manners and Customs of the Ancient Irish'
paperback facsimile of this 19th century printed book.

Simon Fraser, 'Airs and Melodies'
paperback facsimile of this 19th century printed book.

Scottish lute books
Editions of 17th century manuscripts, as well as anthologies containing tunes from various manuscripts.

William Lawes, 'The Harp Consorts'
Modern performing edition.

Robert ap Huw manuscript
Hardback facsimile of this 17th century Welsh manuscript

Arthur O’Neill, 'Memoirs'
Biography of an 18th century Irish harper.

Gerald of Wales, 'History & Topography of Ireland' & 'Journey Through Wales'
Paperback translations of these intruiging medieval texts.

Frank Harrison, 'Polyphony in Medieval Ireland'
An edition of the fragments of medieval Irish notation from the Smarmore slates

Collections and general editions

Donal O'Sullivan, 'Carolan, the life times and music of an Irish harper'
All of Carolan's tunes, with commentary.

Scottish lute books
Collections of music from these 17th century sources, transcribed in tablature and staff notation

Kathleen Louhgnane, 'The Harpers Connellan'
Modern arrangements of the tunes, but with useful biographies, photos and source facsimiles