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James Oswald (edited by John Purser)
Caledonian Pocket Companion CD-Rom
Nick Parkes, 2006 & 2007
James Oswald's "Caledonian Pocket Companion" was published in the 1740s. The most important single source for old traditional Scottish music, it contains a large number of tunes as melody line only, including many Gaelic harp tunes. It has not to my knowledge been available in transcription or facsimile before. This CD-Rom edition contains printable PDF files of the entire Caledonian Pocket Companion in colour and in black-and-white, along with a transcription by John and Barbara Purser into modern typeset notation and a detailed introduction and commentary on each tune by John Purser. It is in two parts; Vol I covers books 1 -6 and vol II covers boks 7-12. Most of the Gaelic harp tunes are in Book 8.
NOTE: These are not printed books. They are computer CDs in plastic jewel-cases.
Complete edition (2 CD-Roms)
£25 +