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Antique brooches showing early Irish harps. I am trying to keep in stock a selection, carefully chosen for being reasonably accurate depictions of extant early Irish harps. At present we can offer two types (click the photo for closeup picture):
Fanciful design, set with Connemara marble. Un-hallmarked silver colour metal, incised designs. Hinged pin with old-fashioned hook clasp on back. I think these date from the late 19th or early 20th century. £50
Enamelled, plated bronze, depicting the Trinity college harp fairly accurately. 2cm long. Hinged pin and old-fashioned hook clasp on back. I think these date from the 1940s or 50s. Some have discreet lettering “Harp Lager”; some have no lettering. £12 lettered / £16 unlettered.
Please enquire for the colours and designs currently available.

silver coin

Antique Irish silver coins, various dates between 1928 and 1950. 75% pure silver, with the harp design on the front and an animal on the back.
Shilling (1s), bull, £7
Florin (2s), salmon, £14
Halfcrown (2/6), horse, £17.50
Please enquire for coins currently available.

Music pen

Music pen, old-fashioned dip pen with five nibs, for drawing a music staff or stave onto plain paper. The "Brause" metal nib is separate, and fits into the wooden penholder (handle). Current stock is of plain wooden handles. Very useful for adding small amounts of music notation to a notebook or sheet of paper. Must be used with a bottle of ink.
£8 +

Posca pen

String marker pen. Here at the Emporium we disapprove of colouring one's strings red and blue like on a pedal harp, but there are times when one really needs to put a bit of colour on the strings - when your pedal harpist friend wants to borrow your harp for example! These amazing 'Uni POSCA PC-5M' water-based marker pens put a really bright blue or red colour onto metal wire strings. When you have finished and no longer need coloured strings the colour comes right off with a damp cloth. Available in pairs, one each red and blue. As used by the Historical Harp Society of Ireland for student harps at Scoil na gCláirseach.
£7 a pair +


3D goggles. I have started adding 3D images to earlygaelicharp.info, as a way to show the subtle shapes and structures of the old harps. To view my anaglyph images, you’ll need a pair of red/cyan goggles.
£1 +

tuning key

Tuning keys
I am now offering a range of custom-made tuning keys, with hand-carved wooden handles and sockets to fit any size or shape of tuning pin drive.
Also cheap pocket-sized keyring emergency keys, available in a range of standard sizes. More...

tuning pins

Tuning pins
Handmade brass tuning pins, with the drives tapered for a more secure fit on the key as well as decorated to look really good in your harp. Suitable for a new harp being made, or to re-fit your existing harp replacing the modern machine-made pins it currently has. More...

Stringing accessories
For stringing accessories (toggles, fishing lines etc.) please see the wire page.