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Neal 2010 facsimile

John and William Neal, edited by Nicholas Carolan
A Colection of the Most Celebrated Irish Tunes Proper for the Violin, German Flute or Hautboy, Dublin, 1724
Irish Traditional Music Archive, 2010
This new second edition of Nicholas Carolan's facsimile of the John & William Neal Collection, originally printed in 1724 and surviving in only one known copy, is a superb book. Much expanded on the first edition of 1986, it includes a number of useful pictures, a lot more background information in the introduction, and the notes on each tune have been expanded to include Irish song words and translations. The book is a well-designed hardback. Highly recommended for anyone interested in any aspect of old Irish or Gaelic music.
For more information about the Neal's publications, please visit my Sources page.
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I also have the first edition, published in paperback in 1986; it is long out of print and hard to find. I have one copy available secondhand for £45
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