This website is my independent free information resource on all aspects of the Gaelic harp, the early Irish harp or clarsach of Scotland and Ireland.

—Simon Chadwick

Queen Mary harp

The historical harp of Ireland and Scotland is an instantly recognisable icon. But what is the sound behind the symbol? What is the story of this ancient and prestigious tradition?

On this website you can read about the ancient harps preserved in museums, the old manuscripts and books which contain tunes barely heard for centuries, and the tradition bearers who kept the ancient harp music alive.

There are hundreds of pages here, but if this is not enough for you, there are also books, CDs and accessories for sale in our mail-order online store.

Right: close-up of the late medieval Queen Mary harp, preserved in the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh. This Hebridean or West Highland clàrsach may have been made for the Lords of the Isles well over 500 years ago