The Lamont harp

Lamont harpHipkin & Gibb, 1888 Lamont harp

Age unknown; traditionally dated to the early 15th Century, though an early 17th century date seems more likely.

Also known as Caledonian harp or Lude Harp

On display in the Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Lamont harp
3D anaglyph image
red/cyan goggles required

Usually thought of as "Small Low Headed" design, but perhaps better considered a smaller example of the "Large Low Headed" design;
31 strings, longest very approximately 62cm, one extra bass string added making 32

There is a colour photo of this harp in Early Music, vol.36 no.4, Nov 2008 p.523. There are photos available from the NMS at the SCRAN website. Karen Loomis's article in Galpin Society Journal LXV, March 2012, includes a photo of the harp, a number of interesting cross-section and interior views from CT scans, a contour map of the soundboard, and description and commentary of the design and construction of the harp. For the fullest accountof the Lamont harp, you can download her PhD thesis from the University of Edinburgh.


Simon Chadwick