The Lamont harp

This sketch shows the inscription on the side of the soundbox. The edge of the box and the two soundholes are also shown to orient the inscription (the lower soundhole just visible in the top right hand corner of the sketch). Also shown (dotted line) is the crack, and the nails where the bronze straps are fitted inside to repair it. Click to enlarge.


The inscription reads “Al Ste(wat) of Clunie his harp 165(0)”

I am not sure of the reading of the surname, presumably for Stewart or Stuart. The date could be 1656.

R.B. Armstrong does not mention this inscription (1904), and neither do Keith Sanger and Alison Kinnaird in "Tree of Strings" (1992). It was noted by A. F. Philip Christison in 1969 ("The Clàrsach", No. 8 in a series, published by An Comunn Gaidhealach), and David Kortier published a mention of it on his website in 2000.

Thanks to Karen Loomis for help with the recording of the inscription.