Foreign harps

The Gaelic harp tradition of Ireland and Scotland is clearly defined, with 18 or more instruments extant. For comparison, I have started drawing up a list of foreign harps from the rest of Europe, that are preserved in museums. These instruments are contemporary with the historical Gaelic harps listed above, but strangely seem to be even less well known. Most historical harp players across Europe do not use measured replicas of these instruments!

I am finding it difficult to find information on these instruments. If you have any more info on any of them, please let me know. I will add side view line drawings when I can but I have very few dimensions or photos of these instruments to work from.

All of these instruments were originally fitted with gut strings. Some are diatonic harps with one row of strings; others are chromatic harps with two or three rows. Although it is normal to classify them by the number of rows, I am instead trying to classify them by their form and design.

Also, this list is very incomplete. I know there are many more European historical harps out there. Please send me names, museums and references!

 Bologna 2
Baroque Spanish
c. 1600-1750
 coming soon
Baroque Italian
c. 1600-1750
 Bologna 3
Baroque Welsh
c. 1650 on
Baroque German
c. 1700-1750
Classical & pedal
c. 1750 on
Celtic, neo-Irish, &c
c. 1810 on

Simon Chadwick