The Carolan Harp

Since the 19th century, this harp was said to have belonged to Turlough Carolan (1670-1738).

In recent times, Ann Heymann has suggested it belonged to Rose Mooney (1740 - c.1798)

After a lot of research, I believe that the harp was not Rose Mooney's. I believe that it may well have been Carolan's; If that is true, then it looks like it was passed down through his family and descendents after he died, before it was sold to the Royal Irish Academy by one of Carolan's descendents in April 1847. However, there is not historical evidence to confirm any of these associations, only circumstantial hints.

Michael Billinge has written up some notes on his website comparing the NMI Carolan harp with the description of Rose Mooney’s harp.

My study of the provenance of this harp has been published:
Simon Chadwick, ‘Provenance and recording of an eighteenth-century harp’ The Galpin Society Journal LXXIII, March 2020, p.85-110 & 199-201.