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October 2017

For October we have a secondhand book, two new CDs, and news of a very important online website project.

Marin Mersenne published his great work Harmonie Universelle in 1635; it was a very important treatise on all kinds of music. The books on instruments form seven out of the seventeen sections of the work as a whole, and these seven sections were translated by Roger Chapman and published in 1957. I have got hold of a copy of the 1964 reprint. This large and handsome hardback volume is a key source for anyone studying historical music; there is a section on baroque harps, and the section on sthe physics of strings discusses silver and gold wire as well as more common materials. This copy is ex-library, with stamps and labels, and the remains of a glued sticker running all the way round both front and back covers and spine. £150. More...

Violaine Mayor has a new CD out. Titled D'eau et de lumière (of light and of water), it presents a selection of music including ceol mor or piobaireachd, as well as smaller tunes. The pibroch tunes are learned from piper Fred Morrison. Violaine's playing on her replica of the Queen Mary harp is rich, lush, and atmospheric. The booklet includes a detailed explanation in French of her interpretation of the music, with a one-page summary in Breton and English. This CD is £20. More...

Sylvia Crawford plays on just one track on Martin Meehan's new flute CD, The Fox's Lament. The title track is a duet with Martin on flute and Sylvia on early Irish harp. I think this is Sylvia's first CD recording on early Irish harp, and it is a really wonderful track, showing her superb traditional style as well as historical understanding of the old Irish harp traditions. The rest of the CD is traditional tunes played on flute by Martin with mostly guitar accompaniments. A really lovely CD of traditional Irish music. £13. More...

Sylvia also stars in a new and lavish website project by Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin. The website, Oriel Arts, features specially commissioned video recordings of songs and tunes from the Oriel region of north-east Ireland. Pádraigín gives a lot of weight to the harp tradition in Oriel, and Sylvia has contributed a number of solo videos, as well as accompaniments in Pádraigín's songs, and some detailed research information on the repertory and traditions. More...

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