Lament for the Union

Simon Chadwick - Lament for the Union is a CD-single of hot political tunes from 300 years ago.

In 1707, Scotland and England were joined together in a United Kingdom. In 2014 the referendum on Scottish independence means that the subject of the Union has never been so timely and relevant. On this EP CD, Simon plays three intriguing old Scottish tunes with connections to the political scene at the beginning of the 18th century.

In turn complaining, regretful, and gently mocking, these tunes are creative responses to the imposition of the Union on Scotland in 1707.

The CD is presented with an 8 page booklet containing the stories and traditions surrounding the tunes. The original deluxe edition, presented in an elegant colour handmade card folder, is now sold out. The CD is now available in a plain mono stapled version of the booklet.

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