Progressive Lessons

a harp source book by Simon Chadwick


This video show the sequence for tuning the harp, from Bunting, The Ancient Music of Ireland, 1840, played on a copy of Denis O’Hampsey’s Downhill harp.

These two videos show the sequence for tuning the harp, from Bunting ms29 p.156, played on a copy of the Rose Mooney or Carolan harp.

I made a page collecting historical information about na comhluighe.

Edward Bunting collected and published the names of some of the strings of the harp. Listen to pronounciation and read technical details on the Bunting Irish Terms page.

My source for the music material on this page is the Bunting manuscripts, which are MS4, Special Collections, Queen’s University Belfast. Full references and facsimiles of the manuscript pages are reproduced with permission in the print edition of Progressive Lessons.

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