Sources for Gaelic harp music

Margaret Sinkler manuscript

National Library of Scotland, Glen 143(i) / MS3296

This Scottish music manuscript contains some pages of viol instruction followed by a series of single-line melodies, headed “Margaret Sinkler / Aught this Musick Book written / By Andrew Adam at Glasgow / October the 31 day 1710”. it is now bound upside-down at the back of George Kincaid's 1717 manuscript of keyboard music

Early Gaelic harp tunes in this source

f65r King James March
Other versions: Blaikie, Leyden. Also later variants in Bunting ms33(1)

f64r Gallways Lament
Other versions: Neal, Oswald. The 19th century notebook kept with the ms in the NLS indicates that this tune also appears in the Leyden lyra-viol ms, but I could not find it there.

f67r Ane Irish Tune
this is a version of Táim i mo Chodladh
Other versions: e.g. Neal, Thumoth p.30: Past one o’clock, Bunting ms29,

Simon Chadwick