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Lee's Carolan

1. Donal O'Sullivan gives the reference as Walker (1786) p.327 but it is actually the second edition of 1818, which says:
Carolan had seven children by his wife; six daughters and one son. His son, who had studied music, went to London where he taught the Irish harp.* But, before his departure, he published by subscription, (AD 1747) a collection of his father's music, omitting, from mercenary motives, some of his best pieces. To this collection a short preface is prefixed, in which much fulsome praise is lavished on our Bard, and a parallel drawn between him and Horace. This collection was re published in Dublin by John Lee, in the year 1780, but without the preface...
*On inquiry I find that he brought his father's harp with him to London and also another man's wife

2. Donal O'Sullivan, "Carolan: The Life Times and Music of an Irish Harper" Routlege and Kegan Paul, 1958, p. 127

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4. Alasdair Codona, pers. comm.

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