O'Ffogarty O'Ffogarty

© Ann and Charlie Heymann

Jay Witcher has made a number of O'Fogarty copys; this one in maple dates from 1997. It has 35 strings, all brass except for the lowest 3 strings which are of silver, and is tuned from bass CC to b'. The soundbox is constructed from separate pieces of wood, and the brass cheek-straps on the neck have not been copied, but this instrument closely maintains the dimensions of the surviving original.

Ann Heymann

Gráinne Yeats owns and plays a Witcher O'Fogarty - click here to see her play it.

See more of Jay Witcher's harps including an O'Fogarty copy at the Harp and Dragon website. (note that the number of strings given there is incorrect).