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Ogam the Poets Secret

Seán O Boyle
Ogam, the Poets' Secret
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Published posthumously in 1980, never re-issued, long out of print and very hard to find, this eccentric book is the original statement on the relationship of the ancient Irish form of writing known as Ogham or Ogam, and the early Irish harp. It re-interprets many passages from the medieval grammatical treatises including Auraicept na n-Éces, and posits correspondances between ogham alphabets and harp tunings. Unfortunately much of the detail is error-ridden and the method and conclusions inconsistent but for anyone interested in the more esoteric aspects of the Gaelic harp tradition this book is a must-have.

The Poet's Ogam

John-Paul Patton
The Poet’s Ogam: A Living Magical Tradition
Published by Lulu, 2010.
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This book is a creative synthesis of Ogam as a system for corresponding with all manner of things. It includes a substantial chapter on Gaelic harp music, including photographs of the Queen Mary harp tuning pins, tables of correspondences between ogham letters and notes and scales.