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Bàrdachd Shìlis na Ceapaich

Colm Ó Baoill
Bàrdachd Shìlis na Ceapaich / Poems and Songs by Sileas MacDonald c.1660 - c.1729
Scottish Gaelic Texts Society, 1972
Sileas's poems are given in the original Gaelic and a parallel English translation. Airs to some of them are printed at the end of the book in the "metres and tunes" section. There is also some biographical information. hardback in plain paper dustjcket.
£23 +

Other Scottish Gaelic Texts Society volumes are available by special order; please contact me for details.

Gàir nan Clàrsach

Colm Ó Baoill
Gàir nan Clàrsach (The Harp's Cry)
Birlinn, 1994
This book is a personal selection of Seventeenth century Scottish Gaelic poetry, with English translation by Meg Bateman; a number of the poems are given with their tunes which makes it a useful resource for the Gaelic harp student. Paperback. Out of print - I am looking for secondhand copies


Colm Ó Baoill
Some Irish Harpers in Scotland
Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness, vol XLVII, 1971-2
This important article of 29 pages covers the lives and music of four old Gaelic harpers - Thomas Connellan, Echlin O'Kane, Ruairidh Dall O Cathain, and Denis O'Hampsey. (The article has been recently reissued in truncated form in Porter's book). Offered for sale here is one copy only of the bound volime of the TGSI, a handsome volume bound in green cloth with gilt titles, red stained page edges, and a nice bookplate pasted inside the cover of A. A. Wilson. The rest of the 430 page volume has various papers on different Gaelic and Highland literary and historical subjects. Sold