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Marin Mersenne
Harmonie Universelle: The Books on Instruments
translated by Roger Chapman. Hbk, 1957, reprinted 1964
Marin Mersenne published his great work "Harmonie Universelle" in 1635; it was a very important treatise on all kinds of music. The books on instruments form seven out of the seventeen sections of the work as a whole, and these seven sections were translated by Roger Chapman and published in 1957. I have got hold of a copy of the 1964 reprint. This large and handsome hardback volume is a key source for anyone studying historical music; there is a section on baroque harps, and the section on sthe physics of strings discusses silver and gold wire as well as more common materials. This copy is ex-library, with stamps and labels, and the remains of a glued sticker running all the way round both front and back covers and spine.