Simon Chadwick's
Early Gaelic Harp Emporium


A. J. Hipkins & William Gibb
Musical Instruments, historic, rare and unique
Secondhand hardback £45
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A large format hardback book. This Victorian “coffee table” book has 48 full page colour plates reproduced from Gibb’ excellent watercolours (many of them based on drawings by the Edinburgh instrument maker Robert Glen). Each plate shows one instrument or a small group of related instruments, all of them interesting and unusual speciments. At the time most were owned by collectors byt nowadays many of these instruments are in major museums, including of course the Queen Mary and Lamont harp which are both illustrated. Each plate is accompanied by a few pages of text by Hipkins describing the instruments. This is a really lovely book, a real art object in its own right as well as being informative and useful. Originally published 1888, this is the 1945 reprint in nice gilded red cloth hardback. One plate is a little loose, otherwise it is all in good condition. This book is heavy so postage will be more than usual.