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Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies
Issue 42, Winter 2001
This issue of the scholarly journal contains a 26 page article by Sally Harper, 'So how many Irishmen went to Glyn Achlach? Early accounts of the formation of Cerdd Dant'. This study details the mythical Irish origins of medieval Welsh music, the meeting at Glendalough in about 1100 AD, suggested Irish etymologies for the names of the 24 measures of Welsh string music, and the way in which these old oral traditions of the history of the music were written down and transmitted from the 16th century onwards.
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Music in Welsh Culture

Sally Harper
Music in Welsh Culture Before 1650: A Study of the Principal Sources
Ashgate, 2007
This scholarly study lays out the surviving evidence for music in Wales from medieval times to the 17th century. The three sections cover cerdd dant (the medieval learned harp and crwth music), medieval liturgical music, and English style music played in Wales. There are a number of interesting manuscript facsimiles, as well as full text and translation of some key theoretical texts. Hardback.
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Sally Harper (ed)
Hanes Cerddoriaeth Cymru: Welsh Music History
University of Wales Press
The following issues of this scholarly journal are available:
Vol 3, 1998 Robert ap Huw Studies; nine essays on medieval Welsh harp music, cerdd dant, and Robert ap Huw. New copies now available!
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