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Books for children

I hope to offer an unusual selection of story books suitable for teenage readers, or for anyone who has had enough hard historical research and would prefer a good story!

Shadow of Gulls book

Patricia Finney
A Shadow of Gulls
Secondhand first edition hardback, with dustjacket, good condition, £20
enquire for postage and availability Patricia Finney’s first book, from 1977. This book tells the story of a harper involved in the cattle raid of Cooley and the events of the Tain.

Derek Dagda book

Sharan Newman
The Dagda’s Harp
Secondhand first edition hardback, ex-library, good condition, £15
enquire for postage and availability This is Sharan Newman's first book, published in 1976. I don't think it was ever reprinted so it is now quite rare and hard to find. It tells the story of a young boy in early Ireland, studying to become a druid, who is caught up in the mythical battles between the Tuatha and the Formorians.

Julian Atterton
The Last Harper
1987 Drew / Swallow paperback
Slightly tatty secondhand with some library markings.
5 contact me for availability and postage
This story is set in the 6th century AD, in the British kingdoms of Rheged and its neighbours, in what is now the border areas between Scotland and England. These are the lands of Taliesin and the Gododdin, preserved in later Welsh stories. This lively book tells a super action story of a young man who becomes apprenticed to a master harper.

A Harp of Fishbones

Russell Walton
A Harp of Fishbones: Folk tales of the Harp
White Row Press, Belfast, 1992
Paperback, stickers to inside front cover & ffep obscuring ownership stamp, otherwise good. 25
contact me for availability and postage.
This slim paperback contains a curious mixture. As well as a good selection of mystical and mythological tales from early medieval Irish manuscripts, there are also more recent folk tales and memoirs and reminiscences of the 18th and 19th Century Irish harpers. The tales are all re-written for the book but seem fairly close to their source texts. (Not to be confused with Joan Aiken's 1972 collection "A Harp of Fishbones and other stories".)

Nancy Bond
A String In The Harp
S/H Paperback, 6
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This story tells of a group of American children who visit Wales and find a magical tuning key, which transports them back in time, for adventures with Taliesin and other harpers and bards.

Norah Montgomerie
The Fantastical Feats of Finn MacCoul
Birlinn, 2009
Delightful retelling of the heroic stories and songs of Finn Mac Cumhail, adapted from traditional Scottish oral tradition sources. This book is the perfect introduction to the medieval Gaelic tales of Finn and the Fianna. Bargain reduced price (published at £12.99 hardback)
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