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Early Gaelic Harp Emporium

There are not too many books of tunes arranged for early clàrsach. Partly this is because the tutor books contain large numbers of tunes, and partly because most teachers and students emphasise the oral tradition, where a tune is learned in its bare bones form, and then ornamentation, variation and harmony are inserted at the discretion of the performer.

However the following books are worth collecting if only to see how different artists approach different material.

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Ann Heymann
Legacy of the 1792 Belfast Harp Festival
Clairseach Publications, Minneapolis, 1992
One tune from each of the ten Irish harpers who played at the Belfast harp festival in 1792.

Ann Heymann
Off the Record
Clairseach Publications, Minneapolis, 1990
Thirteen tunes taken from three of Ann's earlier recordings.

From My Music Stand

Cynthia Cathcart
From My Music Stand
Highland Circle Publishing, Silver Spring, USA, 2001
19 folk tunes, mostly Scottish but some Irish, fully marked up with fingering.

Cynthia Cathcart
Carols for Christmas
Highland Circle Publishing, Silver Spring, USA, 2006
Mainstream American Christmas music, arranged for Gaelic harp, fully marked up with fingering.

Early Music

John C. Hines
Early Music for the Wire Harp
Melody's, Houston, USA, n.d.
Medieval and renaissance tunes from across Europe, arranged as simple melody line with fingering

Millennium Folio
The Clarsach Society, Edinburgh, 2000
Includes four Scottish Highland tunes from Patrick MacDonald arranged with fingering and damping marks by Bill Taylor.

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