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Early Gaelic Harp Emporium

Oral Literature and Performance Culture

Oral Literature

John Beech, Owen Hand, Fiona MacDonald, Mark A. Mulhern, and Jeremy Weston (eds)
Oral Literature and Performance Culture
Scottish Life and Society, A Compendium of Scottish Ethnology, Volume 10, published by John Donald in association with the European Ethnological Research Centre and National Museums Scotland, 2007
This academic tome looks as thick and weighty as its title, but in actual fact it is a really useful overview of music and song in Scotland, in the past and today. The chapter on the harp is by Keith Sanger and Alison Kinnaird, but it is just as interesting to look at the chapters on piping, fiddle, Gaelic song, classical music, ballads, collectors, etc. etc. to see how the early Gaelic harp fits into the wider musical scene.
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