Simon Chadwick's
Early Gaelic Harp Emporium

Traditional approaches

The early Gaelic harp is used by traditional musicians, drawing their influences more from the living traditions of folk music and less from the historical sources. Click on an artist's name for pricing and purchasing details of their recordings

The Harpers Fancy Cumha Beggars Durdabhla Bretaigne est Poésie Over Nine Waves

Paul Dooley, 'The Harpers Fancy'
Fast paced Irish dance tunes

Brendan Ring, ‘Cumha’
Laments, ceòl mór, and traditional & original tunes

Chad McAnally,
'Of Bards and Beggars' Solid Gaelic harp performance with traditional influence

Sylvia Crawford,
'The Fox’s Lament' one track accompanying traditional flute player Martin Meehan on his CD of traditional tunes

Peter Berry,
'Durdabhla' Spoken word storytelling with harp accompaniment

Violaine Mayor, from Brittany
'Bretaigne est Poésie' Sung poetry with harp accompaniment

Bonnie Shaljean, 'Farewell to Lough Neaghe'
British and Irish tunes

Shahnaz Mosam, 'Nel Fitto Del Bosco'
Tunes and poems with a woodland theme