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Gaelic song CDs

Má Bhionn Tú Liom Bí Liom Scottish Tradition Vol 16: Gaelic Bards and Minstrels Fhuair mi Pog Seoda Blackbird

Sean nós singing is the exemplar for all other Gaelic music. These recordings present a selection of the old style. Click on an artist's name for pricing and purchasing details of their recordings

Róisín Elsafty, 'Má Bhionn Tú Liom Bí Liom'
Siobhán Armstrong plays Gaelic harp on one track of this CD.

William Matheson, 'Scottish Tradition Vol 16: Gaelic Bards and Minstrels'
Old Scottish Gaelic songs, sung unaccompanied by a respected scholar.

Margaret Stewart & Allan MacDonald, 'Fhuair mi Pog' and 'Colla mo Rùn'
Gaelic songs connected to the old Scottish Highland piping traditions.

Seoda Sean-Nóis as Tír Chonaill
Traditional Irish Singing from the Donegal Gaeltacht.

Shawn McBurnie & Chad McAnally,
'Blackbird from the Willow Sings '
Traditional-style Gaelic songs with harp accompaniment