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Nancy Hurrell
The Egan Irish Harp
Nancy Hurrell is a respected American historical harpist, specialising in the Continental music in Renaissance, Baroque and Classical styles. She regularly gives recital-demonstrations at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, including performing on their original Egan Royal Portable harp from the 1820s. In this recording, Nancy plays both the MFA Egan harp, and her own Royal Portable. The music is mostly selected from early 19th century printings of Irish music in fashionable Romantic arrangements of the time, including Edward Bunting's three published volumes of piano arrangements, and also Charles Egan's three books of music arranged specifically for performance on the Egan Royal Portable harps. Nancy's playing is clear and lively, bringing out the very classical harmonies of this drawing-room music and showing off the clear tone of the antique harps. Nancy claims in the liner notes that this is the first ever CD made using original antique Egan portable harps. It is a super illustration of an interesting part of Irish music history, which is more often talked about than heard. It is also wonderfully evocative of the music and society of the Regency and the time of Jane Austen - Egan's instruments were popular in England as well as in Ireland. Highly recommended.
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