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See also Allan MacDonald’s Dastirum for a guest appearance by Javier.

Javier Sáinz
Silva Caledonia
Siubhal 3, 2008
Javier Sáinz’s solo CD features his delicate and expressive playing on two different harps: an HHSI Student Trinity with brass and silver wire strings, and an Ardival Urquhart with gut strings and the brays turned off. The programme presents Scottish Gaelic music from the Highlands and Scots tunes from the Lowlands. The CD is presented in Siubhal's distinctive packaging, as a stiff paperback book with 62 pages, and with the disc inserted into the rear cover. The book contains essays by Colm Ó Baoill and Keith Sanger, as well as an introduction by Barnaby Brown and an essay by Javier; it also has facsimiles of source manuscripts, and some Gaelic poems.
£13 +