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Early Gaelic harp CDs

tarbh Cruit go nÓr Queen of Harps Cláirseach na hÉireann - The Harp of Ireland The Silver String Strujenn Haleg

The historical repertory, researched from source manuscripts and books, performed with period idiom and technique, using a replica of one of the extant old instruments. The historical music presented as it was meant to sound. Click on an artist's name for pricing and purchasing details of their recordings

Simon Chadwick, 'Tarbh', 'Old Gaelic Laments' and 'Clàrsach na Bànrighe'
Scottish and Irish music from medieval to 18th century, played on the replica Queen Mary harp

Ann Heymann is the acknowledged world expert.
'Cruit go nÓr - Harp of Gold' The latest and best
'Queen of Harps' Key 18th century repertory
'The Harpers Land' with Alison Kinnaird
'Anns Harp' & 'Let Erin Remember' LPs from the 1980s

Siobhán Armstrong, 'Cláirseach na hÉireann - The Harp of Ireland'
Ireland's foremost historical harpist playes a replica of the Trinity College harp

Vicente La Camera Mariño, ‘The Toutching of the String’
Scottish and Irish music, both ‘native’ and ‘continental’ styles.

Javier Sáinz, 'Silva Caledonia'
Scottish music from Highlands and Lowlands

Alison Kinnaird, 'The Silver String'
Ancient and modern Scottish harps

Violaine Mayor, from Brittany
'Strujenn Haleg' Serene and sparkling solos; also 'Gens Cambrina', early tunes and chant

Gráinne Yeats, 'Féile Cruitirí Bhéal Feirste: The Belfast Harp Festival, 1792'
Double CD of 18th century Irish harp music