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Lute & consort music

The interplay between the early Gaelic traditions and mainstream European Renaissance and Baroque. Click on an artist's name for pricing and purchasing details of their recordings

Rob MacKillop, ‘Flowers of the Forest’ and ‘Love is the Cause’
Music from 17th century Scotland, beautifully played on solo lute, and also on a CD with bass viol

Martin Eastwell, ‘Lady Maggie’s Lilt’
Early 17th century Scottish and French lute tunes from the manuscript of Lady Margaret Wemyss

Bill Taylor, with The Rowallan Consort, ‘Notes of Noy, Notes of Joy’
16th and 17th century Scottish music for voice, lute and Gaelic harp.
Also ‘Greysteil’
medieval and Renaissance Scottish sacred and secular music for voices, lute and harps
And, with Geert Van Geele (recorders), ‘Greensleeves’

Siobhán Armstrong,
with Les Sacqueboutiers, ‘The Cries of London’
with Les Witches, ‘Lord Gallaway’s Delight’
Consort music, English, Continental and Irish, enlivened by the distinctive sound of early Irish harp.

Scotland's Music
from prehistoric times to the 20th century

The Elizabethan Consort, ‘William Lawes Consort Music’