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Cruit go nÓr

Ann Heymann
Cruit go nÓr - Harp of Gold
Clairseach Records, 2006
Ann's latest record, long-awaited, and well worth the anticipation. Ann's first record using her replica of the medieval Trinity College harp with gold strings, Cruit go nÓr sets its sights firmly on the medieval "golden age" (the puns are obligatory) of the Gaelic harp tradition. As a contrast with her solo CD Queen of Harps, this latest record includes a number of collaborations both with other historical musicians (e.g. on lute and bass viol), which discretely and pleasantly support the cláirseach's starring role. But most importantly the CD includes singing - an essential part of the old Gaelic harp tradition. Ann's husband Charlie sings a Fenian lay as well as a song from the repertory of Denis O'Hampsey (1695 - 1807). Ann's playing is simply stunning, showing her up to be an absolute master of the instrument, and the variations in particular are virtuoso displays of harper's ability and instrument's potential. In fact I get the feeling that some of the variation sets should have been twice as long to get the most out of them (had there only been room on the CD). The whole thing is very well designed as well, and is a pleasure to own as well as to listen to. This CD is an essential addition to your collection.
£13 +

Queen of Harps

Ann Heymann
Queen of Harps
Temple Records COMD2057, 1994
Until Cruit go nÓr came out, I used to say I thought this was the definitive recording; it showcases both Ann's assertive and masterly playing, and also the potential of the instrument itself. The selection includes some of Denis O'Hampsey's old Irish repertory, which Ann plays on her replica of his "Downhill" harp, shown on the front cover, as well as some more traditional dances, 17th century English courtly music and an adventurous interpretation of Highland pibroch bagpipe music. Listen to sample tracks.
£13 +

The Harpers Land

Ann Heymann & Alison Kinnaird
The Harper's Land
Temple Records 1983
Solos and duets; Ann plays Gaelic harp (a replica Castle Otway) while Alison plays lever harp (a 1930s Briggs). Although the notes imply that these represent the Irish and Scottish traditions, it would perhaps be better to think of the historical and traditional approaches. The tunes include new compositions as well as traditional music and old Gaelic harp repertory from Scotland and Ireland.
£13 +

Heman Dubh

Héman Dubh
Clairseach Music CM 0897, 1997
Ann and Charlie Heymann play traditional Irish music using a variety of modern instruments as well as early Irish harp. Charlie sings some songs, and Ann plays an excellent solo harp set of tunes themed around the 1790s Irish campaigns of James II, including "Limericks Lamentation" and "The Wild Geese".
£13 +

Let Erin Remember and Anns Harp

Let Erin Remember / Anns Harp
Clairseach Music 1979/1981, CD reissue 2012
Combined CD reissue of these classic recordings from Ann and Charlie Heymann. The CD sleeve includes reduced but high quality facsimiles of the front and back cover of the original LP sleeve. Music from these two redcordings is transcribed in Ann's book Off the Record.
£13 +


Let Erin Remember
Secondhand LP record, good condition,
£20 enquire for availability and postage costs
Ann and Charlie Heymann play traditional Irish music and songs. Released privately in 1979, this was Ann's first record, and features an early Witcher Castle Otway harp.

anns harp

Anns Harp
Secondhand LP record, good condition,
enquire for availability and postage costs
Ann and Charlie Heymann play traditional Irish music and songs. Released privately in 1981, this was Ann's second record. Some nice harp solos.

On Tour cassette

Also available: Anns Harp cassette tape, unopened, £10. enquire for availability and postage costs
Also available: Clairseach On Tour cassette tape. I'm not sure of the date of this, probably around 1980. A selection of traditional music played by Ann and Charlie. unopened, £10. enquire for availability and postage costs