David Kortier HHSI Student Trinity no. 700536.

Kortier HHSI Student Trinity 700536
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FOR SALE (April 2018)

This harp was made by David Kortier in Duluth, MN, USA, late in 2005. It is part of a series of simplified reconstructions of the medieval Irish Trinity College or Brian Boru harp. These harps were made for the Historical Harp Society of Ireland from 2005 on. This one is from the second batch.

I have owned this harp since new. It has been out on rental but has been looked after. It has scratches on the back from resting on the floor but otherwise it is in good clean condition. Its tuning is very stable and has a nice belly on the soundboard.

I have modified it by cutting off the square foot, making it a curved shape which helps the harp to be easier to hold and follows the medieval evidence better.

The harp has 29 strings, with the lowest G one-and-a-half octaves below middle c. is currently set up and tuned to a medieval setup with the sister strings at middle c. It could easily be retuned to have the sisters at g (for an 18th century setup) or to have no sister strings at all. It has seven bass strings of sterling silver, and 22 treble strings of Malcolm Rose yellow brass.

The soundbox is American black willow and the combined neck-pillar assembly is American cherry.

The harp comes with a Cronkhite padded carrying case with side pocket and backpack straps, in very good condition. The case also has a black leather name tag. In the side pocket of the case is a full set of accessories: a folding wooden Tower stool, an electronic tuner, a black rubber handled tuning key, spare strings, the tool for fishing the spare strings into the soundbox, a string chart, a rubber non-slip pad to rest the foot of the harp on, and the fabric zip bag that Cronkhite supplies with his cases.

The harp in its case with all accessories measures 94 x 54 x 38 cm, and weighs about 9.9kg

This harp is in excellent condition complete with all its original accessories. You are unlikely to find such a complete and well-kept package from almost 13 years ago. Both Cronkhite cases and Tower stools are no longer manufactured, and the availability of Kortier's early Irish harps is uncertain as he moves towards retirement.


My video below shows the harp before the foot was re-shaped, but after it was re-tuned in the current medieval tuning and setup.

Simon Chadwick